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Aug 19, 2008

perfect day

It's been a while that I take my camera out. So, despite some raindrops I decide to take a long and lazy walk to ssamziegil. During weekends, cars are not allowed in Insadong. Instead people become a traffic - so many of them - that flow like in a slow-motion picture. On a weekend in Insadong, nobody is in a real hurry.

This young girl carrying a baby on her back seems to be heading to the marketplace where she knows for sure she will find a wide variety of artifacts, smells, tastes, and flux of people - so many of them - that can be quite amusing at least for a while. I feel a bit like that little girl. Instead of a baby, I carry my camera.

What immediately attracts my attention is this mobile dancing at the whims of the wind; Ordinary mobile objects of our life made of white cardboard now turned into one big mobile. In lieu of all flickering images, today they show constantly changing world of ours.

Somebody has drawn a tiny ripplet in a rain puddle in the sky. I feel tempted to step on it and splash over...whomever.

And not happy with the space the eyes see (maybe), that somebody has gone creating a replica of the real thing. I move just a few steps if I fancy seeing an empty building upon the sky. A whole new perspective, modest but good enough (maybe) for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Then the light bulbs, some naked and some others caged, still hanging there, doing their time (maybe).

And when I least expect it there it is: a rainbow. When was the last time I saw the rainbow? Oh, I do remember; I am standing at the playfround of my elementary school when it appears all of a sudden, just like a magic. I realize then, for the first time in my life, that a rainbow is a beautiful thing. I am still like that kid standing still in the playground looking up the sky, following the way of rainbow.

Today, I have a perfect day - even without Sangria in The Park ;)

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