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Aug 19, 2008

798 Art Zone in 2006

September of 2006 was my second visit to Beijing and the year that I really got to learn a bit more about China. I was attending Beijing International Book Fair and had no plan to visit 798 Art Zone a.k.a. Dashanzi Art District. But when Metra, my long-time friend and also business partner, asked me to take a few hours off from the fairground to go take a look at the 798 Art Zone I agreed immediately. I needed to take a break.

It was dead quiet when we arrived. The afternoon sun was shining still strong and few people that we could spot from the distance looked like a mirage in the desert. We entered a few galleries but left unimpressed.

In the garden, here and there, we could find artworks that seemed more interesting than those inside the galleries we had visited. And I realized right then it was the Light that made all the difference. All that I had seen that day was like black and white photographs without a hint of light. Insipid.

We entered a bookshop where Metra bought two porcelain dishes for Agatha. Then left the 789 Art Zone. It was getting dark. We were getting hungry.

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KerulLibrary said...

The texture and light in those photos is very evocative, almost magnetic, especially the first two. They made me want to know more about the places that were the subject of the piece.

Looking forward to more,