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Sep 19, 2008

erwin panofsky

I finally get to read the book, Meaning in the Visual Arts, by Erwin Panofsky after a year that I had bought it!

Marsilio Ficino wrote to the son of Poggio Bracciolini:

"History is necessary, not only to make life agreeable, but also to endow it with a moral significance. What is moral in itself, achieves
immortality through history; what is absent becomes present; old things are rejuvenated; and young men soon equal the maturity of old ones. If a man of
seventy is considered wise because of his
experience, how much wiser he whose life fills a span of a thousand or three thousand years! For indeed, a man may be said to have lived as many millennia as are embraced by the span
of his knowledge of history."

Sep 6, 2008

the keys to the unseen

montreal in my mind is yellow, green and transparent

lazy cat and sleepy dog sitting at a roadside cafe
beer in the afternoon
picnic in the park
and long stroll in the evening

and it was in the spring of 1999 in montreal
that i bought the book by salman rushidie

this morning i start re-reading it and i read...

....five mysteries hold the keys to the unseen:
the act of love, and the birth of a baby, and the contemplation of great art, and hearing the human voice lifted in song...