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Mar 23, 2009

el libro negro de los colores

the black book of color

el libro negro de los colores

beautifully conceived and executed by a mexican publisher, ediciones tecolote

this book is a pure poetry :)

el jardin subterraneo

originally published in korean by borim press, my former employer,
this heart-warming picturebook is translated into so many languages already!

chinese (complex)

thule ediciones from barcelona (spain) did wonderful editing of the book
with equally wonderful translation of agatha!

seems its spanish edition is being distributed in Canada as well

nice! :-)


a bit lost?

a bit lost...
an incredibly cute board book about a baby owl who got lost by chris haughton

the inspiration was drawn from the Robinson Crusoe quote:
...Thus we never see the true State of our Condition,
till it is illustrated to us by its Contraries;
nor know how to value what we enjoy,
but by the want of it.
Robinson Crusoe

and it seems that Korean readers are beginning to love this baby owl :-)