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Aug 20, 2008

italian cities that i don't know much about

First time, first day in Bologna: I was alone. It rained. The sky was gloomy. My hotel smelled of rotten fish. My proud Italian didn't work at all anywhere. And my bed was way too small. I was not loving being in Bologna until the next day when my friend, a girl who never travels without a complete pack of aroma therapy arrived and infused the room with the sweet and relaxing fragrance of lavender!

Three times in Bologna, still, I feel like I don't know the city at all. I haven't yet found that hidden well, the one that when you pull up the water bucket it starts singing. And the same goes for Rome. In my mind canvas it is a mere contour drawing with its shadow and light.

I remember W.S. Kuniczak writes in Quo Vadis about the old gate of Porta Capena and a little chapel with a small tablet sunk into the wall that asks: Quo Vadis, Domine?

Is it still there?

Oh, well. Next time. See the details.

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