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Aug 29, 2008

when it's over

When it's over - whatever it is - there's always something inside that dies. Even when the ending is exactly what you wanted. Even when you know you have made just the right decision, there's no escaping a bit of death. Three days left before I break my three-year routine. Suddenly, I feel this urge to remember what will soon be the past.

So, I decide to take some photos of what I see; for instance this morning, when I ride a subway as it crosses the Han River.

When I go through the main entrance of the company.

When I leave for lunch around noon.

When the day's work is done and I take off to go home.

When on the road the sun sets and the headlights of other cars fly away.

And when my long-time road companion starts the music. Maximilian Hecker's Sleep Lady and Muse....

Then finally, when Iam back to Seoul as the day ends and when my new day begins.

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